17 March 2008

Elephant cemetery

This is just some concept art for a comic that will hopefully get published some time after this
summer. Above is Lars & Maxim's finnish neighbour Sifri; below is Lars' co-worker Ann-Katrin.
Sifri is your average gun-nut senior, making sure your TV is not on too loud. Ann-Katrin is kind-hearted but accident prone.

14 March 2008

There will be blood...

No reason to discriminate against gubbler fejsler; fashion nowadays is to have stains of blood or paint about your person. He doesn't look anything like the beautiful impala I intended, though.

All play

I'm trying to come up with a fierce concept series for Lars and Maxim's new enemy, but it didn't want to manifest itself. Instead, something entirely different came out. I haven't posted here in a while, so what the hell...