24 July 2008

Lars & Maxim assemble!

There's a thin line between being a superhero and being a soft drink commercial. One way or another these slackers will be jammed down your throat, and quite possibly save the world on the way down.

20 July 2008

Solar Gravity

In the end, there's no running from the persistent caress of the sun. We are all sublunar critters with our mouths open, specks of blue light in the Scandinavian darkness. Get your hugs and kisses while the earth is stationary, 'cause the Sun is a killer!

Expulsion Day

Today I had a lot of ugly that needed to be purged from my system. I hate the look of this image, but the only way to keep the creative flow is to finish it and move on to the next.

14 July 2008


Any friend who will save you from ninjas is a definite keeper.